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Sep-2020- Interview on Podcast “Chai with Sam Dossa”, discussing Importance of Relationship Building

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Feb 2020:- Interview with Philip Ingram on his Apple Podcast “With Ingram”

Jan 2020:- Interview with Steven Haggerty on Founders365, The Founders Network:-

Founders365 – #9 – Dr Sanjeev Mehta

Dr Sanjeev Mehta is founder of tech recruitment firm Sush Talent. Sanj is a big believer in long term vision is as important a short term goals and how they can benefit both the business and you. Today's episode we will dive into what it takes to have a successful company in 2020, how to create goals that make a difference along with the future of staffing and hiring. Founders365 is hosted by Steven Haggerty and interviews a Founder every single day in 2020. We discover their story, their lessons that you can take with you to help you on your journey.

Posted by Steven Haggerty on Thursday, 9 January 2020

Jan 2020:- Apple Podcast of Interview with Steven Haggerty in Jan 2020 on Founders365, The Founders Network:-

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June 2016-Interview on Manx Radio

Feb 2016-Interview on Manx Radio

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